Problem with Light Switch Covers

PROBLEM: What Switch Controls That Light?

  • The ceiling fan INSTEAD of the main light
  • The can (recessed) lights INSTEAD of the ceiling fan
  • The bathroom exhaust fan INSTEAD of the main light
  • The garbage disposal INSTEAD of the main light

These are little annoyances that you experience Every Day!

Consider This…
Most things have labels, so you won’t be confused: (Can Goods, DVDs, Books, etc)…

Shouldn’t your light?

Just because you are USE to something, doesn’t mean it cannot be better.


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Solution for Light Switch problem

SOLUTION: The Correct Switch Solution to a Common Annoyance

Now with a Glance you can Select the Correct Switch

  • That little Annoyance of flicking switches on and off is Gone!


Helps Seniors Navigate their Home – Easier

  • Many seniors have a difficult time remembering the little things

Visitors no longer have to wonder and guess

  • Visitors can be easily lost in new surroundings

Provides an added convenience for Guests, Tenants

  • Helps them feel more at home

And they are Visually Appealing (Not Tacky Looking)

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Actual Use of Light Switch Stickers

Correct Switch is a Visually Appealing

Correct Switch is Functional Throughout Your Home.

Correct Switch is Easy to Understand.

Correct Switch is Easy to Add to Your Home.

The light switch covers in your home will appeal to all family members and visitors.

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Process for using Light Switch Stickers

PROCESS: Correct Switch is great for light switch covers with two or more switches

(Mandatory for three or more)
– Step 1: Decide if you want to place the light switch decals Above or Below the switch (Your Choice)
– Step 2: Clean the selected area with an all purpose cleaner. You want to get rid of dirt and oils that have accumulated
– Step 3: Select the proper picture from one of the 20 different decals or select an equivalent text label
– Step 4: Peel and Stick the appropriate light switch decal for each switch.
– Step 5: Press firmly to ensure no air bubbles under the decal.
“Its That Easy”


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Light Switch Stickers – Booklet Content


You get 20 different decals to cover your key household switch needs:

  • Main Lights
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Porch Lights
  • Bathroom Switches
  • Attic Lights
  • Fireplace Lights
  • Kitchens Lights
  • Staircase Lights
  • Closet Lights
  • Recessed Lights
  • Security Lights
  • even Lamps and Plugs.

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