How to Get It?


  • LIGHT SWITCH LABELS – No more flipping switches to find the correct light – Light Switch Selection Made Easy
  • MAKES HOME MORE ENJOYABLE – Now Friends, Family and Guests can easily navigate your home with these visually appealing light switch wall stickers
  • APPEALING LIGHT SWITCH DECOR – Light Switch decals match common light plate colors. Just clean away dirt, peel and stick above or below each light switch
  • GREAT LIGHT SWITCH DECAL HELPERS FOR SENIORS & KIDS – Help Parents Navigate their Home (during forgetful moments) – Teach Kids by also using text labels
  • GREAT HOME ORGANIZER AID – Light switch stickers for your 20 areas – Over 200 premium switch plate decals

Where to Buy?
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Correct Switch and My Home
If your home is like mine, EVERYDAY I’d turn on:
– The ceiling fan light switch instead of the main light switch.
– The can (recessed) lights instead of the ceiling fan switch.
– The porch light instead of the garage light switch.
– The security lights instead of the garage light. switch
– The exhaust fan instead of the bathroom light switch.
– The garbage disposal instead of the pendant light switch

If you are like me, everyday this annoyance would aggravate me

Amazon | Ebay | Etsy | Correct Switch Site

What do I get?

Booklet Contents
The booklet comes with nearly 20 types of light switch decals (nearly 200 total) to cover all the areas of your home:
– Bedroom
– Bathroom
– Closet
– Living Room
– Garage
– Porch
– Attic
– Kitchen
– Staircases
– Security
– even Lamps and Plugs

The booklet comes with color and text only decals.

Amazon | Ebay | Etsy | Correct Switch Site

How do I apply them?
– Clean away dirt, dust and oils from your light switch plate
– Just Peel and Stick – above or below the switch


About Correct Switch

Correct Switch is the result of just a “little bit” of DAILY annoyances.

We moved into our new home! It is Wonderful!
However, there were SO MANY light switches.

Flick On, Flick Off, Flick On, Flick Off – Every day the Same Thing Again!

My spouse tells me, you will get used to it. I replied. I did not get used to it at our last home – There Must Be a Better Way!

The solution needs to be Simple, Inexpensive, Obvious, Appealing and Easy to Use.

Until – Eureka! – Correct Switch!!

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